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    Job Search Tips and Tricks

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Are you wondering how to find your next great job opportunity in your new career? This video offers helpful advice for career training graduates.

    Many people consider the Internet a great job-finding resource because of its numerous job websites. When looking for employment, job boards can be valuable options, but you can also take advantage of social media. Websites such as LinkedIn offer a glimpse at the Human Resources needs of many companies. Follow potential employers and note their achievements, including the signing of new clients, as these developments often necessitate new employees. Before they post their job openings, reach out to these companies and express your interest in joining their teams.

    Chattahoochee Technical College in Georgia is here to help you achieve your career goals. Call (678) 384-4958 to learn more about our career services.

    Reasons to Enroll in a Cosmetology Program

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Are you the person your friends call when they need hair or makeup advice? Do you have an interest in the science behind the look, and want to learn skills in skin care, waxing, nails, and more? If so, you might already be on your way to a career in cosmetology. Not only does cosmetology allow hair and makeup experts to display their innovative skills, but it also gives them the chance to have independent careers. So if you’re considering a professional move into hair or makeup, consider these reasons to enroll in Chattahoochee Technical College’s cosmetology program.

    Express Your Creativity

    Being an artist isn’t limited to painting, sculpting, or drawing. You can display your creative flair through your knowledge and mastery of the hair and makeup arts as well. If you enjoy working with your hands to create one-of-a-kind hair styles or makeup looks, you can make your personal passion your professional career when you take classes in cosmetology. Best of all, when each new client sits in your chair, you will have a fresh canvas on which to display your talent and enthusiasm.

    Instill Confidence in Others

    Individuals of all ages and backgrounds turn to cosmetologists for the most important moments in their lives. A person might decide to get a new haircut in preparation for an important job interview. A young bride might choose to have her makeup done professionally on the morning of her wedding day. No matter the occasion, you can help others look and feel their best when it matters the most.

    Create Your Own Schedule

    Many companies create rigid work schedules around which their employees must plan the rest of their calendar. In some cases, though, normal business hours may not be conducive to other aspects of a person’s life. If you want the freedom to make your hours as you see fit, cosmetology might be the ideal way to create the schedule that works best for you. Especially when you decide to work out of your own salon or shop, you can set your hours and still find time to attend to your other obligations.

    Don’t wait another day to enjoy your dream career. Call Georgia’s Chattahoochee Technical College at (678) 384-4958 to learn more about our cosmetology program. You can also browse our website to view our complete online catalog of career training options.

    Understanding the Importance of Technical Education

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Individuals who wish to continue their education past high school often assume that they must enroll in a four-year college or university. In many cases, though, these institutions demand high tuitions, forcing students to take on loans that they may be paying back decades after graduation. Instead, more higher education experts are urging eligible and interested students to consider a technical education for the following benefits:

    Affordable Education

    As mentioned, the annual tuition for a four-year college can quickly escalate into thousands of dollars, which many students cannot afford to pay without taking out sizeable loans. In contrast, a technical college can put a high-quality, affordable education solidly within the financial reach of many students. Students can often complete their programs in as little as two years, allowing them to save additional funds for their future needs.

    Secure Occupations

    Technical programs are so named because they teach students the hands-on skills they need to excel in a particular field. This type of education can give technical program students a substantial professional edge once they enter the job market, as they are already trained and ready to demonstrate their talents. This real-world knowledge can provide for students a level of job security that many four-year degree programs cannot.

    Reliable Income

    What many people may not realize is how lucrative a career in a technical field can be. Many technical programs teach in-demand skills such as cosmetology and automotive technology, which can translate into well-paying salaries for individuals who successfully utilize those abilities in their jobs. Especially as the cost of housing, health insurance, and other life essentials continue to increase, the level of income that comes with a technical education can provide a lifetime of financial security for graduates.

    Is a technical career the right choice for you? To find out, call Chattahoochee Technical College at (678) 384-4958. Our Georgia-based representatives would be happy to address your adult education questions and provide additional information on our wide selection of technical programs.

    Continuing Your Adult Education with Chattahoochee Technical College

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Having a solid, well-rounded education, and acquiring employable skills is essential to finding a good job in the modern workforce. For those looking to expand their horizons in the classroom and on the job site, Chattahoochee Technical College offers Adult Education classes.

    GED Test Preparation

    Taking the GED test can help you go to college or qualify you for a better job. Chattahoochee Tech’s GED preparation classes are free of charge, and scholarships are available to assist with the cost of the GED test. Schedules are flexible, allowing you to continue to work and spend time with your family as you normally do. Everyone has different areas of study they need to work on, and Chattahoochee Tech instructors are here to work with you to make sure you are successful on the GED test when you take it. Once you contact your local learning center, you’ll take a pretest to determine which subjects you need to improve.

    English as a Second Language

    Living in the U.S. with limited proficiency in English can be a difficult and frustrating situation. The ability to read, write, and speak English fluently can affect your daily life in many different ways. Chattahoochee Technical College understands this and offers English as a Second Language classes for beginner and intermediate levels. Students will learn to express themselves in the written and spoken word for a variety of purposes, including communicating basic needs and writing using vocabulary that can be used every day. There are also English Literacy/Civics classes for those with a higher English proficiency, which can assist people in dealing with American institutions and moving towards citizenship.

    At Chattahoochee Technical College, we are dedicated to the success of our students in all areas of learning. Contact us at (678) 384-4958 to learn more about our Adult Education programs and to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

    Is a Career in Accounting Right for You?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you are trying to decide which field of study to pursue or you are thinking about switching careers, it may be time to consider whether a career in accounting is right for you. Accountants are good with numbers and can work in a variety of different settings, from small offices to large corporations or even for banks or the government. In addition to a keen eye for detail, a career in accounting takes excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

    Strength in Math

    No matter what career path you choose, it’s always a good idea to have a solid math background. Math skills are essential for a career in accounting, as you’ll be working with numbers on a regular basis and even creating new formulas to use to keep the books in order.

    Organizational Skills

    Whether you are working for a small business or a large company, organization is essential to being a good accountant. You will have many files, invoices, and requests coming in and going out every day, so it’s important that you are able to stay organized. Missing just one file or one entry in a spreadsheet can throw off your calculations, which is why people with excellent organizational skills could make great accountants.

    Business Savvy

    Getting started in the accounting world may mean that you are working for someone else. If you are interested in how the business world works and potentially opening your own business someday, training in accounting is a must. Keeping track of a business’s finances is essential for long-term success and can ensure that a business stays current with all accounts, including government taxes.

    Chattahoochee Technical College offers you the chance to earn a diploma or a degree in accounting. Call us at (678) 384-4958 to learn more about the field of accounting and other business careers. We offer flexible class schedules, with programs such as accounting being offered completely online, so you can fit your education into your busy life. 


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