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    At Look at Our Early Childhood Care and Education Program

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Chattahoochee Technical College offers a wide range of exceptional career education and adult education programs at our campuses in Georgia and our virtual classrooms, such as our popular Early Childhood Care and Education program. If you love working with children and look forward to guiding the next generation in achieving their full potential, our childcare program may be right for you.

    Graduation Options

    One of the reasons why so many students have chosen our programs is because they offer superior flexibility. You can choose to pursue our Early Childhood Care and Education Basics certificate, which prepares you to enter the childcare field with a minimum of coursework. If you prefer a more intensive career training program, you could earn our Early Childhood Care and Education diploma, which prepares you to work from children from birth through age five. Or, choose our two-year program. As an Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Care and Education, you’ll graduate with an in-depth knowledge of early childhood development, care, and education.

    Conceptual Framework

    Before you apply to our childcare program, take a few minutes to become familiar with the mission, philosophy, and goals of our Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) department. Our ECCE department is committed to providing a superior learning experience for prospective and current childcare workers and teachers, empowering them through demonstration, practice, and other concrete learning activities. Our philosophy emphasizes the critical importance of providing children with a supportive, nurturing environment to make a positive difference in families’ lives.

    Career Opportunities

    With a certificate, degree, or diploma from CTC, graduates are well qualified for a variety of positions in childcare centers, pre-k programs, after-school programs, and preschools. You might also choose to become a program administrator or start your own childcare center after completing our career training program.

    For more information about our Early Childhood Care and Education program, contact Chattahoochee Technical College at 678-384-4958. Our childcare program is offered at our Canton, Paulding, and Marietta campuses, as well as online. We also invite prospective students to check our blog for helpful articles on succeeding as a student and overviews of our career training programs.


    Spotlight on Learning Support Courses

    Last updated 1 year ago

    At Chattahoochee Technical College, we recognize that each of our students is an individual with different strengths. Some students may have excellent reading and writing skills that eclipse their math skills, and vice versa. Because a well-rounded general education is the basis for many of our programs of study, we offer Learning Support (LS) courses for students who might require extra help in certain areas. Though they are credit-bearing, these courses will not count toward your graduation requirements, nor will they affect your GPA.

    The three LS courses are English 0090, Reading 0090, and Math 0090. Following a modular format, students in these courses are only required to complete work in areas where they have shown a need for improvement. Instruction is computer-aided and the focus is individualized, and the courses can be spread out over as many as three semesters or completed in one.

    Call Chattahoochee Technical College at 678-384-4958 or visit for more information about the complete suite of student services we offer, including learning support courses and career training. 

    Highlighting the Advantages of Being an Adult Student

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Although many people in Georgia attend college immediately after completing high school, this is not the ideal path for everyone. Some may choose to serve their country by enlisting in the military and some may start families or careers. Eventually, after a few years or a few decades, some may decide to pursue a college degree, certificate, or diploma. Students who are beyond the traditional “college age” have several advantages when they return to school, including:

    Emotional Maturity

    There are challenges that some 18 year olds may face when they begin college. For example, these younger students are likely living on their own for the first time with more freedom than they have ever experienced. Also, their social and dating lives can sometimes be a distraction from their academic pursuits. When you take college courses as an adult student, however, you already have a social and family life, so you can focus on your studies and career training.

    Life Experience

    Students who enter college directly from high school may have little real-world experience, beyond working an entry-level job after school or during their summer vacation. Adult students, however, bring a wider range of experiences with them into the classroom. These real life experiences, whether they are from military service, family life, or several years in a real job, provide you with the critical thinking skills and people skills you need to excel in your classes.

    Clear Goals

    Younger students sometimes spend a few years of their college experience figuring out what career direction appeals to them. As an adult student, you are probably pursuing a specific course of study because you already know what you want to do. Whether you are working to advance in your current career or learning the skills for a completely new one, you have a clear goal set.

    Chattahoochee Technical College is one of the best places in Georgia to begin your journey towards a college degree as an adult student. Call us today at 678-384-4958 for more information about our academics and career services

    Rev up your career with Diesel Maintenance Technology

    Last updated 2 years ago

    With a projection of growth in upcoming years and a median pay of up to $42,320 per year, Chattahoochee Technical College’s Diesel Equipment Technology is perfect for those interested in technology with analytical skills toward service and repair.

    Through the Diesel Equipment Technology program, you can gain hands-on experience with diesel engines, diesel electronic systems, and preventive vehicle maintenance to help you land a career with a variety of potential employers

    Students need to be adept at using complex tools and computers and be prepared to work in varying conditions learning about diesel engines, preventative maintenance, and diesel electrical and electronic systems.

    In as little as two years, graduates of the program are prepared to find positions in the public and private sector. Working environments are often indoor repair shops, though onsite roadside repairs may be part of the job for some technicians. Employers may include trucking companies, heavy equipment manufacturers, maintenance facilities, or construction companies. In some cases, technicians are also able to remain self-employed as contractors for different organizations.

    If Diesel Equipment Technology sounds like a good fit for your interests and career goals, learn more here or by calling 

    An Introduction to Automotive Technology

    Last updated 2 years ago

    There is no doubt that automobiles are an integral part of daily life, regardless of whether you live in a major city or rural area. As people grow to rely more and more on their vehicles, cars only become more advanced with sophisticated electronics systems and built-in computers. Because these technologies have become commonplace in automobiles, today’s automotive technicians need to be not only mechanically skilled, but should also have strong skills in computing and logic.

    The Automotive Technology program offered at Chattahoochee Technical College will provide students with hands-on experience in key areas of automotive diagnostics and repairs. We offer an education that meets modern demands in automotive service.

    If you have an interest in automotive technology paired with mechanical skills and a detail-oriented work ethic, call Chattahoochee Technical College at 678 384-4958 to learn more about our program. We offer a number of technical education courses to help advance your career with dedicated attention from our staff to help you succeed. 

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